Mr Handcraft is a
 Leather Good Manufacture of
 Ubrique (Spain)

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We are bespoke leather goods manufacturer, combining tradition with innovation and and exhaustive quality control. Specialized in leather bags, handbags, wallets, small leatherwear and travel accessories. Our experience gives us the knowledge to be able to take on the production of your current projects and the bespoke development of any of your future projects. Selecting in every moment the quality that best suits your needs and with all the guaranties and logistic advantages of manufacture in Europe. You can control your production to the last detail and take the benefits of the artisanal leather goods craftsmanship of Ubrique (Andalucía - Spain) as well as the best Italian, French and Spanish materials and leathers.

Anything you can imagine Mr Handcraft can make it...more

We evaluate your project

The evaluation is much more than collecting data.

Once we collect the details, measurements, quantity and characteristics of the product, we start to advise you on the selection of the best materials and designs that facilitate the final fabrication process. The objective of this process is to reduce costs of production and to better the quality in your leather goods, and to give you the most accurate approximation of a final Budget for each article…...more

Material quality

The selection of the best quality materials and leather guarantees our success.

We advice or select the quality of the materials for the fabrication: The hardness or softness of the leather, the quality of the ironworks, adapted to the climate of the country that the leather goods are going to be sold or the colors that are available this season. These are some of the examples of services that we can offer on this stage of the manufacturing process.
In case that you have your own material supplier, the only thing you need to do is give us the material or give us the direct contact with them. The decision is yours…...more

Prototype fabrication

We make your ideas tangible.

We give life to your Project so you can evaluate the aesthetics and finishes. Our test lab of leather goods has all the necessary equipment for the immediate fabrication of all type of leather goods, once you have selected the materials you want to work with.
This process is fundamental to move to the next stage of the fabrication process, if you like the test product we initiate the production of the quantity and colors previously agreed…...more

Artisanal fabrication

The only way to make leather goods.

We are leather goods makers and we know that the only way to work with leather is the traditional way. Our artisans know the secrets that they inherit from generation to generation. These are the hands that are going to make your leather goods with the most ancestral techniques, paying special attention and care in every detail…...more

Made in Spain

Made in Europe, quality warranty.

Our offices and workshops are set in the Spanish town of Ubrique, in the heart of Andalusia. This town is credited with being an international hub for the manufacture of luxury leather goods. Hundreds of international companies on five continents rely on the artisans of Ubrique to manufacture their handbags and other leather goods. So the Ubrique brand assures the best quality in all the products…...more

Quality control

Quality is the best business plan.

The final quality of your products i sour biggest priority. A well-designed and manufactured product is a guarantee of satisfaction for the end customer and contributes directly to improving our brand image. Our company reviews each product to achieve quality standards befitting a luxury leather ítem manufactured in Europe…...more